• Freeway Interactive is an indie developer of quality online and mobile games.

  • Rhombus Legends

    Welcome to Rhombus Legends, a next-gen cross-platform CCG.

    Collect dozens of unit cards, support them with spells and weapons cards. Fuse cards to gain new ones, upgrade their stats and unlock superpowers. Develop your kingdom, build up your defenses and raid other payers` treasuries. Open up golden boosters in search for new powerful golden cards, which drastically improve your roster. Explore the global map and dungeon in search for gold and rare loot.

    Start playing for free at https://rhombus.3wayint.com. Register or login via Facebook account and begin your own path to glory!

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    • Novel gameplay mechanics

    • Solo and PVP game modes

    • More than 140 unique cards

    • Clans and clan activities

  • Back2Back Reloaded

    In B2B2 we deal with the things which happened about 5 years before B2B events, when Snufkin was on the mission to the planet Pythos. Blueberry and Snufkin get acquainted, later Bluberry saves Snufkin several times but gets "shot" himself. As his last wish he claims that Snufkin "eats the berries to remember him by". He "passes away" and Snufkin takes the lead, his eyes wet with the tears for the "dead friend".

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    • 10 new levels

    • Hordes of zombie enemies

    • New commander unit

    • Improved resolution

  • Tank and Rush

    Take control of one of two fully animated characters and cover the longest distance in this endless runner game. Each character has it own unique abilities and gameplay style. Switch between them on the fly and earn valuable credits by eliminating enemies that block you way. Upgrade stats, skills, special moves to go further and complete various missions to earn additional money.

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    • Two playable characters

    • Upgrades and superpowers

    • Cartoon visual style

    • Addictive soundtrack

  • Treasure Snake

    Treasure Snake is a unique and extremely addictive physics puzzle, which includes a variety of game settings and casual mechanics. Its subtle gameplay alongside with a mellow achievement system and high score charts guarantees many hours of gaming experience and wide replayability.

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    • New gameplay mechanics

    • Solo and PVP game modes

    • More than 140 unique cards

    • Clans and clan activities

  • Clash3D.com

    Clash3D.com is a collection of in-browser 3D shooters smoothly running on desktop and mobile devices. Play it anywhere you prefer. It will be difficult because you'll have to face many enemies. Take guns, rocket launchers and fight as best you can. Make sure your opponent has no chance of winning and only you become the greatest fighter of all.

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    • 3D shooters in your browser

    • Team deathmatch

    • Different weapons

    • Modern browser technology

  • Battle Cards

    "Battle Cards" is a free massively multiplayer strategy based on card battles. Take you place as a commander of one of the glorious factions, The Brotherhood, sworn to defend the remnants of humanity through iron-fisted militaristic control or a fanatic, nihilistic sect obsessed with alien technology, known as The Cult.

    Start playing for free at Vk.com or Ok.ru

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    • 15 ranks, rating system

    • Brotherhood and Cult factions

    • More than 100 unique cards

    • Tournament, chat and more

    • Battle Cards Wiki
  • Back2Back

    Back2Back is an arcade strategy game, which delivers a full range of action experience, fusing a classic defense gameplay with action based tactics. Lead a squad of space marines through 10 unique levels, and survive the massive armies of bloodthirsty robots, to escape the hell of abandoned planet.

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    • 10 unique levels

    • 6 unit classes

    • Various upgrades

    • Dozens of enemies

  • Back2Back Commander

    Back2Back Commander is a single player game spin off taking place in the Battle Cards universe. Witness an outstanding journey to the outer space, defeat your enemies and collect their powers, uncover mysteries of the unknown alien device and grab your reward, which can be used in further PVP battles.

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    • 15 outstanding levels

    • Hero skills and abilities

    • Diverse upgrade system

    • End game reward

  • Tower Up!

    Tower Up is an economic business simulator. Manage your workers to build the highest skyscraper in the world. Outmatch your rivals and become the richest millionaire of all. More than 100 floors, thousands of goods to trade and produce, suits for your workers and more.

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    • 100+ unique floors

    • Suits and custom outfits

    • Thousands goods to trade

    • Various achievements